Best Sources Of News Aside From The Mainstream Media

We all know how annoying it can be when you’re searching for something and you just can seem to find it or it’s taking too long to locate what you’re looking for. After you’ve chosen your topic and developed a research question, it’s time to search for information. But before doing this, it is imperative to understand all the types of news sources available to you and the kind of news/information you will find with them. This will help you make the right choices in support of your research. Aside from the mainstream media, here are some information alternative you should know about.

Websites: This is one of the most common news sources. Websites can be written by anyone, on any topic at any time. With so much information on the internet, knowing where and how to look is vital. Ensure to double check the news you’ve read on the internet to ensure it is accurate and from a reliable source.  A great place to start is for a fresh alternative news source.

Newspaper: Newspaper articles are written by journalists and reporters. These are news meant for the general public and they mostly report local and international events. They are either published on the daily or weekly basis and their length can range from a paragraph to even up to 5 pages.

Magazine: Magazine news articles are also written by journalists. But they can also be written by essayists or specialists. The topics are usually current affairs as well as popular topics and trends. Magazines are mostly published on the monthly basis and their length can go up to 10 pages.

Journals: Academic journal articles are written by scholars and researchers. These articles are written for students and other scholars. They report an original research or detailed analysis of a topic.

The Main Categories of News Sources

Primary sources– These are the original material which other researchers base. Depending on the discipline this could be 1st hand account of historical events or oral interpreted data. Examples of primary sources include newspapers, letters, and diaries, interviews, speeches, poems or even original artwork.

Secondary sources– These are news sources that interpret, comment or analyze on primary sources. Some examples include journal articles, magazines, reviews, and books that review and discuss original research.

Tertiary sources– These are collections of primary and secondary sources. They can be overviews or summarize of topics as well as index directory resources. Examples include encyclopedias, dictionaries, and printed online indexes.


These news sources I have listed above will help you find the right information that you’re looking for. There are other different sources of news like, but the ones mentioned above rank among the best news sources.

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